For Aviation

Infini is the leading supplier of GDS solutions to the aviation industry in Japan

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For the travel industry

Infini provides a comprehensive range of products and services for the travel industry

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We are the leading travel distribution provider in the Japan market.

INFINI is the leading GDS in terms of market share in the dynamic Japan travel market, which continues to drive growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

We offer an extensive portfolio of products, which combines our own innovative solutions for travel suppliers with leading technology from our long-time partner Sabre to provide the most effective distribution options tailored to meet the needs of our customers and help them excel in the Japan market.

What we pride ourselves on

  1. Innovative Distribution Products: Leveraging its long-term technology partnership with Sabre, INFINI develops and delivers localized versions of globally successful products, complemented by a number of Japan-specific solutions, to provide our customers with the most effective tools to optimize their distribution channel.
  2. Market Experience: INFINI has built a leadership position in the Japan market through regular interaction with our extensive network of partner agents and the in-depth knowledge of local business customs required to succeed in the Japan market.
  3. Service Excellence: INFINI sets the standard in terms of service excellence and our dedicated customer support team is always looking for new ways to enhance every aspect of our customers’ business.

INFINI’s Vision


To continuously engage with our customers and support their growth and success.


To be the leading technology provider for travel suppliers and travel agents in the Japan market.

Why choose INFINI?


INFINI’s wide-ranging market presence means that we are able to support our customers at a local level wherever they are and are able to connect you with more travel agents and travel-related technology providers than anyone else in the market. 


In today’s dynamic, fast-paced environment, clearly one size does not fit all. INFINI stays on top of emerging business trends and delivers innovative products that can be tailored to fit every strategy and business model.


INFINI’s distinguishing feature has always been customer service excellence. Meeting our customer’s needs is not enough: we always aim to exceed expectations in all aspects of our business. Our motto “Being Together” captures our understanding that a collaborative, long-term partnership with our customers is the most fruitful approach to doing business, and that our customers’ success is our success.

Executive Team

Seiichi Takahashi

Chairman, President & CEO

Tomoyuki Osaki

Executive Vice President

Masahiko Dan

Senior Vice President

Tatsuro Umezono

Senior Vice President

About INFINI : Numbers






Travel Agent Users


Coverage of Travel agencies

No. 1 GDS

Market Share

JPY 100M


JPY 5.1B

Sales (FY2019)

※1 : INFINI covers 95% of all airlines operating from Japan.  

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Company Structure


〒107-0052 Sumitomo Fudosan Shin-Akasaka Bldg.(6th Fl.), 4-2-6 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-6229-8500
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