For Aviation

Infini is the leading supplier of GDS solutions to the aviation industry in Japan

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For the travel industry

Infini provides a comprehensive range of products and services for the travel industry

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Corporate Social Responsibility

INFINI is the leading travel distribution provider in the Japan market.

Infini Travel Information recognizes that it is a major player in Japan that supports the travel industry through its businesses and products.

We have committed our energy and resources to the following CSR priorities:

Deliver Stability

To make sure our customers can always use INFINI’s system with complete confidence, we have set system stability as one of our top priorities in our management plans. We aim to be the “Number 1 GDS in reliability”
In the unlikely event of trouble, we have implemented systematic procedures to follow-up with customers with prompt responses, failure recovery, and generous support. You can use INFINI with confidence.

Protect Information

We acquired certification with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) in March 2012 and enhanced our system so we can effectively prevent personal information leaks and specifically protects credit card information. INFINI also acquired the JIPDEC Privacy Mark in Japan in April 2016 to further strengthen the system for protecting personal information.

INFINI focuses on maintaining the highest level of security through education (periodic employee education) and technology (stringent virus infection prevention). In the unlikely event of an incident, we will take the utmost care to minimize damage and promptly initiate preventive measures.

Sustain Business

Japan today is under threat from natural disasters and pandemics. However, your business needs to continue even in an emergency.

We consider it our responsibility to continue to provide services to customers or to restore services early, with the first priority being protection of human life protection. In December 2013 we formulated a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and established BCM (Business Continuity Management). INFINI annually review BCP and BCM plans through regular employee education or in response to environmental changes.

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