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Direct Access Interactive and Direct Connect Availability

What are Direct Access Interactive and Direct Connect Availability?

INFINI’s connectivity choices Direct Access Interactive and Direct Connect Availability are both highly valued by Japanese travel agents for their speed and reliability, which is further enhanced by the support of INFINI’s trusted customer service helpdesk.  

Both INFINI Direct Access Interactive and Direct Connect Availability provide the seamless, transparent display of last-seat availability, and work in conjunction with INFINI Direct Connect Sell, which simplifies the booking process by making an automatic booking request and inserting your PNR record locator to complete a PNR within your reservation system, subject to confirmation by your host system.

What are the main differences?

INFINI Direct Access Interactive provides the seamless, transparent display of last-seat availability to our partner travel agents. Additionally, it enables travel agents to check your actual remaining inventory by performing a simple inquiry input using your two-digit airline designator.

INFINI Direct Connect Availability also provides the seamless, transparent display of your last-seat inventory for specific flights using the IATA EDIFACT messaging standard. However, this solution does not require the travel agent to specify your two-digit airline designator in their availability search query.

How can upgrading to INFINI Direct Connect Availability increase your revenue?

If you would like to improve the efficacy of your distribution, consider upgrading your connectivity to INFINI Direct Connect Availability. As this solution does not require the agent to input your two-letter airline designator in their search query, Direct Connect Availability increases the likelihood that your flight inventory will be displayed in their search results, and thus improves your potential for last seat sales.

INFINI Direct Access Interactive is a convenient tool for travel agents if you are confident that our partner travel agents know your airline and its two-letter code. If you are using this product, it is therefore advisable to invest more time and resources into your marketing efforts, in order to ensure that your product stands out against your competition in the Japan market.

This product is widely used by agents targeting the major Japanese wholesalers and leading online travel agents, which means that implementing Direct Connect Availability greatly increases the reach of your distribution. In addition, INFINI Direct Connect Availability fully supports all INFINI POS products and can be coupled with other INFINI revenue management tools, such INFINI Journey Data, to improve the effective management of your inventory.

For more information, visit the Airline Solutions Connectivity product page, or contact us directly using the link below.

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INFINI’s connectivity is your first step towards distributing your inventory to our network of nearly 1,100 INFINI partner agents in Japan.

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