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Japan MLITT: Int’l and domestic traffic decreased for June 2020

JAPAN MLITT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) reported considerable decreases in passenger travel results for international and domestic traffic for the June 2020 period. While there are expectations for a gradual recovery of domestic traffic amidst COVID-19 epidemic those results have yet to appear in traffic results.

Japan MLITT  traffic highlights for Jun-2020:

Passenger load factor:

Domestic: 47.4%, -24.1pp;

International: 27.2%, -53.9pp;


Domestic: 1.7 million, -79.5% year-on-year;

International: 42,935, -97.8%;

China: 3416, -99.1%;

South Korea: Zero, -100%;

Rest of Asia: 18,451, -97.8%;

Americas: 15,986, -94.6%;

Pa: Zero, -100%;

Europe: 3726, -97.3%;

Oceania: 1356, -94.9%;


Domestic: 31,475 tons, -55.3%;

International: 91,571 tons, -30.0%.

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Need more information?