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Greater Bay Airlines Starts Japan Distribution

Greater Bay Airlines (HB), a Hong Kong-based carrier, released INFINI’s Full Availability, Answerback, Direct Connect Sell (DCS), and Electronic Ticketing on November 24 to strengthen its travel distribution capabilities in the Japan travel market.  Greater Bay Airlines commenced scheduled service in July 2022 and is currently operating flights to Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Ho Chi Minh City, and Manila.  

[Flight schedule for NRT and KIX]

[About INFINI’s connectivity]
INFINI’s Full Availability works in conjunction with INFINI Answerback, which requests the airline’s record locator at the end of each transaction and appends the record locator to the appropriate segment line in the INFINI PNR itinerary field upon receipt.

Direct Connect Sell enables airlines to provide travel agencies with immediate confirmation that a booking has been successfully made.

Electronic Ticketing is the premium level of connectivity in the electronic ticketing product line, providing instantaneous, transparent retrieval of information from the airline’s reservation system.

Does your airline need to be connected to the Japanese travel market? Learn more here about
Full Availability, Answerback, and Direct Connect Sell (DCS).

For Electronic Ticketing, learn more here.

Please use INFINI to make your travel reservations for HB.


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