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INFINI Multi-Access

What is Multi-Access?

INFINI Multi-Access is a group handling product specifically targeted to the needs of the Japan market. INFINI’s most successful group product, it is favored by airlines and agents alike as the most effective solution for this important market segment.

INFINI Multi-Access enables you to create a single-PNR environment by allowing our partner travel agencies to access your host system, enabling you to pass on the record locators of group PNRs directly to the agent and ensuring that the inventory displayed to our partner travel agencies is always up-to-date. This access to your host system can be granted selectively to travel agencies of your choosing and any entries are  always subject to confirmation by your host system.

INFINI Multi-Access works by enabling our partner travel agents to create a passive PNR in the INFINI system to enable them to issue tickets from the passive segment. To use INFINI Multi-Access, you will need to enable passive ticket number notifications in your host system.

Origins of Multi-Access:

Historically, in Japan, Japanese airlines placed their terminals directly in travel agents’ offices. This means that Japanese travel agents were accustomed to working in a single PNR environment. With the advent of GDSs, airline practice changed, but the demand from travel agents for a single PNR environment remained. INFINI Multi-Access recreates a single PNR environment by making it possible, subject to approval from the airline, for travel agents to switch into the airline partition and create PNRs. Airlines newly entering the Japan market have tended to follow established industry practice and adopted Multi-Access to increase the reach of their distribution among Japanese travel agents.

Benefits of Multi-Access:

  • Expands the reach of your distribution: This functionality is very popular with Japanese travel agents, because the single PNR environment ensures that agents get the most accurate and reliable information, and the inventory is always displayed correctly. Implementing Multi-Access will greatly increase the likelihood that Japanese agents will select your inventory.
  • Saves you time and reduces workload: Agents authorized to do so by you will be able to create PNRs directly in your airline’s host system, subject to confirmation by the host system. This saves you time spent on the creation, monitoring and amendment of group PNRs, and maximize the efficiency of your operations.
  • Improved communication with travel agents: By having a single PNR, the “remarks” field is available to convey messages to travel agents directly, ensuring they see any updated and remarks made on the airline side immediately. This functionality is not available with any other group product.
  • Smoother operations: due to the single PNR environment, the record locator for any group PNRs created within your airline system can be passed directly to travel agents for servicing.

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Two versions of INFINI Multi-Access are available: Airline Creation and Agent Creation. Please visit our Multi-Access product page or contact us for more information.

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