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INFINI PNR Sync and PNR View

What are INFINI PNR Sync and INFINI PNR View?

INFINI PNR Sync synchronizes PNRs saved in your host system with the PNRs in the INFINI system. This solution automatically sends any changes to the PNRs saved in your system, such as SSR requests made by the customer directly to you, to the INFINI system via teletype message. This informs our partner travel agencies of any PNR modifications made within your reservation system and avoids the risk of any errors resulting from a PNR mismatch.

INFINI PNR View enables our partner travel agencies to confirm the status of a PNR, including any updates, in your system. Travel agencies can view updates such as changes in itinerary, any special requests made, mileage status, or ticket number.

How do these products work together?

For better results, consider combining these two functionalities. INFINI PNR View effectively complements INFINI PNR Sync by apprising travel agents of any changes to PNRs that cannot be synchronized with the INFINI PNR Sync functionality. (This includes changes to your customers’ entire itinerary, which may include other airlines’ segments that cannot be synchronized with INFINI PNR Sync.) The combination of these products permits partner travel agencies to monitor any changes to your customers’ entire itinerary and provide a better travel experience for your customers.

Improve reservation operation productivity

Travel agencies in Japan are meticulous about details and will proactively call the airline to see if a PNR has been changed. INFINI PNR View assures the travel agency by providing a definite answer with a real-time view of the PNR status.

With both products implemented, you can save time and reduced workload because you no longer need to answer calls from travel agencies to check the latest status of a PNR or SSR.

Improves B2B and B2C customer experience

Equipped with PNR Sync and PNR View to monitor all reservation changes, the travel agency can provide better service to your traveler. This results in a better travel experience, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a higher chance that the travel agency will choose your flight first in the future.

Both PNR Sync and PNR View deliver greatly increase productivity and are intuitive to use for travel agencies as well. If you would like to join the growing number of airlines implementing these intuitive solutions, please contact us for more information.

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